Thomas Meyer-Lehnert

Hello, I am Thomas, aka vypxl. I am a computer science enthusiast, who loves to code and create new things. I am currently studying computer science at ETH Zurich. Besides my studies, I work on various hobby projects, like my fantasy console. Find a list of my most important projects here, or check out my GitHub Profile.

I am particularly interested in systems programming, low-level programming, and embedded systems, but I also do full stack web development and some game development. I love designing and implementing software architectures, and I am always looking for new challenges.

Open source is a big part of what I do. Almost every project I created is open source. I love sharing my work with others, and contributing to the community. Apart from my work meant for public use, I do some projects for myself, like my never ending journey of configuring my editor of choice, the amazing Neovim, self-hosting a media and file sharing server, or building my own custom mechanical keyboard. Another thing I enjoy is doing challenges, like the 25-day problem solving challenge Advent of Code or participating in hackathons.

Learning new things is a lot of fun, so I often experiment with interesting topics I discover. That gave me the skill of being able to quickly adapt to new technologies. Learn about some of the technologies I am familiar with in the next section.


I have used a variety of libraries, frameworks, and programming languages. Here are the ones I like the most.

Programming Languages

Languages I am proficient in: C, C++, Javascript/Typescript, Python, Ruby, Haskell, and Crystal
Languages I am familiar with: Java, Kotlin, Scala, C#, Go, Rust, Lua, Bash, and Assembly
My biggest projects are written in C++ and Crystal. My web projects use HTML and CSS as well, of course :)

Frameworks and Libraries

Web technologies and frameworks I have used: Vue, Nuxt, React, Next, Svelte, and SvelteKit
My favorite framework award goes to SvelteKit, although I use Vue for this website. Other than the UI libraries, I've worked with TailwindCSS, DaisyUI, and Bootstrap.

Some libraries I have used for my lower-level programming are: SDL2, SFML, OpenGL, and GLFW.

Other Technologies

I have experience using Docker, Git, and GitHub Actions. My daily driver operating system is Manjaro Linux. I operate two Linux servers, one at home and one in Oracle Cloud. I have used Postgres and Meilisearch, Firebase, and Heroku.

Miscellaneous Experience

At some point, I delved into how to program the Nintendo Gameboy, built an LED controller using a Raspberry Pi, built a Chrome extension, and developed a small quality of life app for fellow school students. Sometimes, I make music using my DAW of choice, FL Studio.

Thanks for reading!

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