Here you can find an overview of little standalone applications I created. I mostly created them just for fun though, so no guarantees for them operating correctly.
The apps are hosted as static files and can be used from anywhere as their scripts come from CDNs.

  • Memo

    This app allows the creation of very simple notes, using the url query parameters. To create notes, you have to modify your url like this:
    The notes are separated by semicolons.

  • Timer

    A small but handy timer application, supporting timer and stopwatch mode. Modify the time with the scroll wheel. No mobile support.

  • Rainbow 6 Randomizer

    A tool to randomly pick a Rainbow 6 Siege operator. You can even add nicknames! Click on the names on the left to disable certain operators.

  • Pascal source code yeeter

    A very rudimentary tool which converts Pascal / Delphi source code into yeets using macros. I saw this on reddit for C++ so I had to recreate it for the best language.